Spray Bottle Turns Tap Water into 99.9% Effective Disinfectant

The Activeion Ionator is a high-tech spray bottle that uses a proprietary technology to transform tap water into a cleaning disinfectant capable of killing 99.9% of the bacteria in your home.
green cleaner

The device is endorsed by science guy Bill Nye and super-green actress Laura Dern, who both lend their faces to the product website and tell their tales of disinfectant success. Have a dirty counter? Whip out the Activeion Ionator, pull the trigger and let its “oxygen-rich mixture of positive and negative nano-bubbles” do the work.

Needless to say we’re certainly intrigued by this “miracle” cleaning product. It appears to work as well as standard household cleaning products — but without the household cleaner. You simply pour water into the refillable igreen cleaningnsert and spray away. The technology has been available for large scale cleaning in restaurants and hospitals but now Activeion has released the Ionator HOM which is a bit smaller and less expensive.

The devices are still pretty pricey however — the most powerful of the three Ionators, the Ionator EXP, goes for $329 while the Ionator HOM is priced at $169. A little expensive for a bottle of green cleaner but this guy will last you up to 5 years without further investment.

Source: Inhabitat

This product is free of harmful chemicals and is thus a welcome addition to an eco-friendly household (although the price tag may be a deterrent!).  As long as the technology and manufacturing processes used to make products such these are environmentally sound then their replacement of harmful chemical cleaning agents is desirable. Water Rhapsody encourages green living and specializes in water conservation systems.  See the benefits of Water Rhapsody products.

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