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jojo plastic water tanks

Choosing a water tank? Some advantages of poly water tanks

‘Plastic’ or polyethylene water tanks have numerous advantages of water tanks made from other materials. Of course, we are discussing high quality, rotational moulded poly water tanks such as those manufactured by JoJo Tanks in South Africa. Here are some advantages of poly water tanks to help you with your decision: Rotational moulding process results […]

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6000 litre poly septic tank

VIDEO: Installation of a poly septic tank

This short clip shows the professional installation of a polyethylene septic tank into a perfectly sized hole. Whatever the brand of poly septic tank is chosen, the installation principles remain the same (but always be sure to check for any specific installation guidelines from the poly septic tank manufacturer). Also see Plastic Septic Tanks: General […]

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jo jo tenke

Some common questions about JoJo water tanks

Some commonly asked questions about one of South Africa’s most popular and trusted brands of water tanks: JoJo Tanks. HOW DOES A JoJo TANK DIFFER FROM OTHER TANKS? Trusted industry leader JoJo Tanks, has been making water tanks for more than 30 years and is so confident about the quality of its tanks that every […]

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no drop report

‘No Drop Report’ to monitor water losses in South Africa

South Africa being the water-scarce nation that it is, needs all the intervention it can get to reduce water losses and water wastage. Infrastructure will need to be repaired and upgraded and better technicians and experts in the field will need to be employed. This will all add up and inevitably result in higher water […]

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water tanks south africa

Submersible pumps vs external pumps for water tanks

Two other advantages of submersible pumps that the article below does not mention are: much quieter and inherently more difficult to steal – an important consideration in South Africa when setting up a water system or water tanks. In this world of options, one of the choices you will need to make is the type […]

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rain barrels installation

Video: Quick How to Install a Rain Barrel

While the video below may over-simplify the requirements of an effective rainwater harvesting system, the main objective of harvesting rain water is to capture and temporarily store it for some use or other. Rain barrels are usually of small capacity (less than 500 litres); we always recommend installing water storage tanks of a sufficient capacity […]

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plastic tanks vs steel tanks

Choosing a water tank – steel or plastic? Some quick facts to help you

In South Africa, plastic or polyethylene water tanks (also known as poly tanks) are by far the most popular choice when it comes to choosing between plastic tanks and steel tanks. There are some good reasons for this. Reasons to choose a poly water tank: They are generally less expensive when compared to a comparably […]

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water conservation tips

Five Simple Money & Water $avers

These simple water and money saving tips are worthwhile in the long run – both financially and environmentally. Combine them with water conservation systems such as grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting tanks to potentially reduce your water bills to zero. With water bills rising and many water tables going down, it makes eco-sense and […]

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rain collection tanks

Collect free rain in rainwater tanks

Collecting rainwater is free (and legal, except for in some US jurisdictions). In water-scarce South Africa, we should be harvesting as much of this free resource as possible and storing it in water tanks. Rain that falls on your home is free for you to capture and use to supply your daily needs. A typical […]

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