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Environmentally Friendly Camping Tips

South Africa has some of the best camping spots in the world. Follow these tips to make your experience safe, eco-friendly and enjoyable. If you are camping in a Big 5 area, make sure you know how to deal with dangerous animals. Confrontations can end unhappily for one or both sides- this is not eco-friendly!  […]

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Build a Simple Solar Oven

The sun’s energy can be harnessed to cook your food.  Watch the short video below to see how anybody can save energy by building a simple solar oven. Variations of the above are possible; you can use a bigger box so you can fit a large pot inside.  Try to use materials that were going […]

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Eco-Friendly Camping Tips

For both the expert and the novice, camping is an amazing adventure vacation—living in nature, observing and exploring a pristine world so apart from the busy, modern lifestyle that many are accustomed to. In order to preserve the ecosystem that is being enjoyed, it is important to follow these simple green camping tips. Make the […]

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