10 convincing reasons to install rain water tanks

In South Africa where water scarcity is a daily reality for many, it should become second nature to save water wherever possible.

jojo plastic rainwater tank
It should not take too much convincing to show that installing rain water tanks is very worthwhile but here are 10 reasons:

  1. Rainwater is FREE! Don’t you want free water? Rainwater tanks and rainwater harvesting can save you on your water bills. In some cases, it may be possible to become totally water self-sufficient, depending on local rainfall patterns, roof surface area and number of water tanks installed.
  2. In some towns and cities in South Africa, municipal water supply disruptions and quality issues are becoming the norm. By having your own supply of rainwater stored in water tanks, you are not at the mercy of these problems and having your own water supply can prevent much inconvenience.
  3. In times of water restrictions (common in the winter months in South Africa), a supply of your own water stored in water tanks (and clearly marked for inspectors to see) will allow you to irrigate you garden and lawn, top up your pool, wash the car – all uses that would normally be disallowed under municipal water restrictions.
  4. Even if you harvest rainwater purely for irrigation, this has advantages over chemical-laden municipal water. Plants have been shown to positively respond to rainwater – growing quicker and generally being more healthy than those watered with municipal water. Of course, your rainwater is also free, so no worrying about water bills while you irrigate.
  5. Worried about what they put in municipal water? You should be! Many smaller municipal water works seem to have a very unprofessional attitude to amounts of chemicals added to ‘make the water safe’. High chlorine levels can be detrimental to human health. If you have your own rainwater supply, you know exactly where it’s from and how it will be treated (rainwater should be appropriately filtered/purified for drinking purposes).
  6. Taking a bath or shower in municipal water can be a very unpleasant experience – not only the ‘hard’ water being difficult to work up a lather but chemicals such as chlorine can be absorbed through the skin. Rainwater is very soft and has to be experienced in a bath or shower to be appreciated.
  7. Fire hazards are serious in the dry season in some areas of South Africa; having a full rainwater tank may save your property from a fire sweeping through the area.
  8. Rainwater harvesting systems increase property value. Even a professionally and neatly installed water tank for storing municipal water will add value to the property.  While many look at how long it will take to make a rainwater harvesting system to ‘pay for itself’, not many factor in the value this will add to a building if it is placed on the market one day.
  9. Do you like to be seen as ‘green’ and environmentally conscious? A rainwater harvesting system and water tanks clearly shows your friends and neighbours that you are.
  10. Rainwater harvesting is good for the environment! In built-up areas, rainwater harvesting results in less stormwater runoff. This means less pollution being washed off roads and yards into local waterways and reduces streambank erosion by reducing the unnatural volume of water entering nearby streams and rivers.

Rainwater tanks should be chosen carefully- choose good quality water tanks to protect your investment. We recommend JoJo Tanks products; click on the links below to view the wide range of JoJo water tanks and other high quality JoJo Tanks products available in South Africa.

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