Why Choose Bamboo Flooring & Screening?

bamboo screening

Bamboo fencing is a great alternative to hardwood fencing in many ways. It has grown in popularity amongst homeowners, especially as people become more and more aware of today’s environmental issues. Bamboo is also aesthetically unique as well as extremely durable and tough. Here are a few reasons for choosing bamboo fencing over traditional hardwood options.

A Unique Look
There are a ton of different styles of bamboo fencing to choose from. You can turn your back yard into a tropical getaway with tiki style fencing, or you can go for a more sleek, elegant Asian-style bamboo fence. No matter what style you choose, though, you’re sure to be pleased with the unique result, and your fence will definitely stand out from the rest.

Inexpensive and Easy to Install
Bamboo fencing can be very easy to install, especially if you purchase a commercial variety, which comes in pre-woven panels or rolls. The cost of the material itself, is also much more affordable than traditional hardwood material.

Environmentally Friendly
Hardwood logging contributes to deforestation, and with it, a slew of other environmental problems. Instead of contributing to logging by using hardwood materials, why not go for an eco-friendly alternative? Bamboo is one of the most renewable natural resources we have. Because of it’s extremely rapid growth rate and short life cycle, it can be regularly harvested without causing damage to the ecosystem.

Flexible and Strong
Bamboo is a type of grass, but it is tougher than many woods. In fact, bamboo is about 2 to 3 times stronger than timber, and its flexibility allows it to withstand harsh winds and temperature better than most hardwood materials. Bamboo has been used as a building material for houses for centuries, and today it is still used to reinforce large structures like sky scrapers. As a fencing material, bamboo is definitely one of the toughest available.

Easy to Clean Maintain
Cleaning your beautiful bamboo fencing is easy. Because of its glossy exterior, soap and water usually do the job. A good water sealer coat every year will keep your bamboo fence healthy. Bamboo contains a high amount of silica, which termites have a hard time digesting, which in turn makes bamboo fences naturally termite resistant.

Brightfields bamboo fencing and screening can be ordered in a number of styles, sizes and lengths, contact us for a quote.  Should you be looking for Brightfields bamboo flooring and natural fibre carpets (such as sisal, seagrass and mountaingrass), please contact us or if you live in the Nelspruit/White River area, contact our official retailers: Mpumalanga Blinds & Flooring.

Source: www.bamboo4.co.za (Brightfields Agents- Mpumalanga & Limpopo)

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