Backyard Wind Turbines Cut Home Electricity Bills

Solar panels aren’t the only option for homeowners when it comes to using renewable energy to cut power bills.

home wind turbines

Sales of wind turbines for backyards and rooftops are growing strong. There’s been major growth in the last ten years with more than 10,000 wind turbine units sold in 2009 compared to 2,100 units in 2001. The Department of Energy estimates small wind electric systems can lower your electricity bills by 50 to 90 percent. When the cost of buying and installing a turbine is factored in, most wind systems pay for themselves in 10 to 20 years.

As with solar power, home wind turbines can either be tied to the electric grid or a stand-alone system. Grid-tied systems allow you to buy electricity on days when the wind is not strong enough to power your home. On the flip side, on days when the wind is strong, homeowners can sell energy back to the grid. Most turbines do not require much maintenance and can last up to twenty years. Several states also offer tax incentives for installing wind turbines or solar panels. The Department of Energy says homes with at least an acre of land, electricity bills of $150 per month or more and strong average wind speeds are good candidates for home wind systems.

Energy experts hope it will soon be common for homes to use both solar and wind power to provide more energy than they consume and sell the rest to the power grid. A spokesperson for the American Wind Energy Association says zoning and permitting are the biggest issues for small wind turbines. Larry Flowers tells USA Today the hurdles to widespread home wind turbines rest with local governments, zoning ordinances and public acceptance. The technology is so new that many communities do not have zoning rules or codes written at all for wind turbines. Boston is one city hoping to encourage more wind development by adopting city codes that address noise, height and safety concerns of wind turbines. The city even hosted demonstration projects to demystify wind power.

Source: DoYourPart

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