How green is your party? Vote for the environment!

2011 municipal electionsLeading up to the elections Candice Pelser from Project 90×2030 researched the environmental commitments of the main parties standing in these elections. This is a great body of work which will make it easier for us to vote for those who are informed and dedicated to treasuring our natural resources and addressing climate change.



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The ANC 2011 Election Manifesto was quite thin on environmental and climate change issues.  The ANC made mention of the Green Economy and they plan to create work opportunities and support domestic manufacture of components in the green economy through the installation of solar-water geysers in low cost homes. However no figures or targets were given for this.


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The DA 2011 Election Manifesto was the strongest on environmental issues and also gave the most detail on what they plan to do. They were particularly strong on water saving and energy efficiency. The DA supports individuals being able to sell excess power they have generated through wind or solar into the grid – something that Project 90 is calling for.


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There was nothing in the IFP 2011 Election Manifesto about climate change or the environment, but this may be due to the fact that it was very short and more in the style of a poster. I therefore had a look on their website to see if I could find anything on the subject. The IFP wanted to see an immediate shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy and supports a national environmental protection strategy.


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The UDM had the least information in their Manifesto out of all the parties, only mentioning the integration of proper environmental practice in terms of the daily operation of the party and planning and project management. They also would promote woman and youth in job creating environmental projects.


municipal elections 2011

The ACDP had some great ideas in their 2011 Election Manifesto, including holding businesses accountable for pollution, especially acid mine drainage. This party had a fair amount of detail on environmental issues and were very strong on water saving issues. They also supported programmes to allow people to generate their own energy, which they envision would also provide opportunities for income generation.

Click here for a detailed comparison of the issues covered in 2011 Election Manifestos.

Source: Green Times

Many people leave politics to the politicians but as much as you may despise politics, unfortunately the reality is that the people voted into power can control the way you live and how our environment is looked after.  It is therefore a social and environmental responsibility for all South Africans to vote for the party who has your interests as well as the environment at heart.  Municipal elections are perhaps even more important than national elections- this is your opportunity to make a difference to how your town is governed.

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