Heat Your Home With Used Waste Oil

It’s amazing that in 2011 many people have no idea that technology is available which allows individuals to heat their home completely off used motor oil.

used motor oil for heating

The technology has been around for several decades and yet it seems like it remains a mystery to most people.  How sad, especially considering the fact that waste oil is nothing more than an annoyance to most homeowners who change their own oil.

Most businesses and individuals would gladly have someone come pick up their used motor oil.  If not, they actually have to pay to get rid of it.  A recycling company will charge you to pick up it (only to resell it in the future) and you have to pay the city dump at least $10 to get rid of a couple gallons of it in addition to only being able to drop it off on  specific days of the week.  So you can see that if you are a little creative finding waste motor oil is not difficult at all.

Many homeowners around the country have began investing in oil burners to eliminate their growing heating costs. They have found that is cheaper in the long run to spend a couple thousand dollars on this alternative energy system than to pay $300 a month in heating.  The investment usually pays for itself in 2-3 years and afterward all heat is 100% free.

Its a dream come true for many people who are tired of rising natural gas, electricity and heating oil costs rising on an annual basis.  This presents a way for some homeowners to fight back and get control of their expenses. Being at the mercy of utility companies is no fun and when you can eliminate that you sleep better at night.

When it comes to waste oil burners the key is maintenance.  That is the biggest drawback.  You have to clean the waste oil going into your burner and you have to clean your total waste oil burner on a regular basis (several times a year).  A quality device will cost you at least $8,000 and the only way you can ensure its continual operation is monthly check-ups and a routine maintenance schedule.  You can learn to do it yourself or pay a qualified professional to do it for you.  Like the conventional ones oil burners need to be serviced regularly to ensure they are debris free and operating at peak capacity.

Source: Eco Friendly

The environmental cost of obtaining and using fossil fuels is so high that we ought to be reusing  or recycling it wherever we can.  It seems crazy to dump used oil, even when considering its initial financial cost alone.  As with solar geysers and solar panels, the initial cost of setting up a heating system that uses waste oil is quite high but if it can pay for itself within 2-3 years it seems like a worthwhile investment, financially and environmentally.

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