Water and Energy – the Link

solar water

The link between water and carbon is one most people don’t appreciate. In considering the process of producing and using water, many people overlook the energy input needed for treating and delivering water to our taps, not to mention the energy used to heat that water for use in the home.

Read on for some interesting facts about water and carbon…

  • – The energy needed to treat and pump mains water to our homes, and to collect and treat waste water from the sewage network, is responsible for nearly 1% of the UK’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. Heating water in our homes is responsible for a further 5%.
  • – Heating water for use in taps, baths and showers makes up over 25% o average household’s heating bills – that’s around £200 a year – and may well cost even more if you use an electric immersion heater.
  • – All homes can save money on their energy bills by wasting less hot water. Around 35% of homes in England and Wales are currently on a water meter and can make additional savings on their water bills by cutting water use.
  • – On average, hot water use is responsible for over a fifth of a home’s carbon footprint and makes up 5% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions.
  • – If every UK home reduced their hot water use by just 5%, the CO2 saving would be equivalent to taking nearly 530,000 cars off the roads – that’s 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

Source: Energy Saving Trust

Although the above statistics apply to the UK, a very similar trend will be found worldwide.  Heating water accounts for up to 50% of electricity bills in South Africa.  The solution to this financial and environmental issue is solar water heaters.  Photovoltaic solar panels and solar water heating collectors have increased in efficiency and decreased in cost.  South Africa is ideal for solar energy with its high irradiation rates.  At current Eskom electricity tariffs, solar geysers can amortize themselves in 36 months.  With the proposed 25% annual Eskom tariff increase, your solar geyser will be paid-off even quicker.  Now is the time to capitalize on Eskom’s renewable energy rebate programme (this scheme will not last forever!).  Water Rhapsody’s acquisition Yes Solar enables us to supply high quality Eskom-approved Solsquare solar geysers.  Solsquare solar geysers are made in Germany, are SABS-approved and carry a 10-year warrantee (unlike most other solar water heating systems that carry or 5-year warrantee or less).  Contact us for a free solar geyser quote.

We also offer free, no obligation quotes on our Water Rhapsody conservation systems that include rainwater harvesting systems, rainwater tanks, grey water irrigation systems, greywater recycling systems and other water-saving devices.  See our product demo, rainwater FAQ and greywater FAQ for more information.  We are authorised  JoJo Tank dealers for Mpumalanga and Limpopo and can supply and install the full range of JoJo water tanks and water tank stands.  Contact us for a free quote!

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