Video: Easy ways to save Water and Money

It is easy to save water and energy in a household by applying some common sense.  Changing habits can be difficult for some people, especially if creature comforts are being impacted upon.  Water Rhapsody Conservation Systems allow you to save water and money (up to 90% of your municipal water bills) without many changes to your current lifestyle.  With a grey water system installed, any excess water flushed down the drain is reused either by irrigating your garden or reused for toilet flushing (Second Movement System).  Reducing water capacity in a toilet’s cistern is easy (e.g. by placing a water-displacing ‘water hippo’ in the cistern).  However, this does mean that should there be an obstruction in the toilet bowl, the smaller amount of cistern water available may be insufficient to clear it.  A better way to control toilet flushing is by installing a Water Rhapsody Multi-Flush.  The Multi-Flush allows the user to control exactly how much water is used during each flush. See our product demo page for information on how the various Water Rhapsody products operate.

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