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Is your water tank stand safe?

Water tank stands are important for creating water pressure & providing a stable base for water tanks but they must be inspected regularly. This is particularly true of timber tank stands as these are prone to rot and cracking if they are not maintained properly and the design is flawed. The article below elaborates why […]

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Choosing between steel water tank stands & timber water tank stands

In many cases, water tanks will need to be raised above ground level in order to increase water pressure. Here are some points to consider when choosing between steel tank stands and timber tank stands. Timber tank stands will usually be the cheaper option than steel tank stands but this should not be the deciding […]

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water tank stands

Stands for water tanks: Steel tank stands vs Timber tank stands

Water tank stands are usually used to place water tanks at elevated heights in order to provide pressure. When deciding between a steel water tank stand and a timber water tank stand, there are a number of factors to consider: Availability Steel water tank stands can be bought in kit form in various heights or […]

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water tank stand

Need a water tank stand? Steel vs timber vs brick tank stands

Water tank stands provide elevated storage of water to create reliable water pressure in case of electricity supply outages and/or pump failures.  A water tank stand also ensures that the water tank is out of reach from potential vandalism, theft or tampering and also protects the tank from livestock and other animals. Water tank stands […]

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