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plastic septic tank installation

Installation guidelines for JoJo poly septic tanks & conservancy tanks

JoJo polyethylene septic tanks and conservancy ¬†tanks have very similar installation guidelines and procedure only deviates where specified. Note that septic tanks are designed to be installed with French drains while conservancy tanks are designed to be emptied/pumped out when full. DIG A HOLE SLIGHTLY BIGGER THAN THE SEPTIC TANK (200-300 cm all¬† around) 1. […]

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6000 litre poly septic tank

VIDEO: Installation of a poly septic tank

This short clip shows the professional installation of a polyethylene septic tank into a perfectly sized hole. Whatever the brand of poly septic tank is chosen, the installation principles remain the same (but always be sure to check for any specific installation guidelines from the poly septic tank manufacturer). Also see Plastic Septic Tanks: General […]

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poly septic tanks

Plastic Septic Tanks: General Installation Guidelines

These polyethylene septic tank installation guidelines are generic; always check with the manufacturer of the poly septic tank to see if any specific instructions are necessary. Siting of the poly septic tank: The sewage system should be as far away from habitable buildings as is economically possible. Good road access should be provided to enable […]

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