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The basics of a simple domestic grey water irrigation system

Whenever you shower or bath, the used ‘grey water’ is usually directed down the drain to the sewers or French Drain.  Why not send gray water to a water tank and then use it to irrigate your garden? Grey water is by definition, the water used in a household that is not ‘black water’ from […]

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45 Practical Water Saving Tips

YOU can play an important part in saving water by using these water saving tips in your home: Saving Water Indoors:

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Could your toilet be wasting 500 GALLONS of water a day?

Sound crazy? It sure does, but did you know that one in five toilets actually has an extremely wasteful leak?  And these leaks can waste anywhere from 30 to (yes!) 500 GALLONS of water per day! You may presume that you would hear the water or see the leak, but this isn’t the case.  It […]

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