Eco Friendly Pest Control

eco friendly pest control

Want a safer way to get rid of unwanted pests such as ants, fleas, and even bedbugs?  Do Your Part and try something you may never have heard of before – Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth is made of fossilized remains of microscopic shells. That makes it all natural and it works by piercing the shells of insects so they die by dehydration.

If you have ants or roaches, sprinkle DE around the foundation of your home but not where ladybugs or other beneficial bugs live. Putting it directly on ant piles is also effective. Then, sprinkle it in the indoor areas where ants and roaches can also enter your home.

DE is also effective with slugs.  Putting it around the base of certain plants creates a rough barrier slugs will avoid. You will need to reapply if after it rains.

Inside your home – you might have to battle fleas or bed bugs and DE works wonders on both!

Apply it to to carpets and bedding.  For bed bugs, you can put it on bed frames, mattresses, the floor, and crevices in your wall for a few days to wipe them out.  Just vacuum it up when the bugs are gone.

Make sure you buy food grade DE the other kind is widely used in swimming pools and it is toxic.  You can find it online, health food stores, and home improvement places.  A 5 lb bag treats about 2500 square feet.  And even though it’s safe for people and pets – the dust can irritate lungs especially with prolonged exposure so wear a mask if you have a big project.

Using DE instead of toxic pesticides is an easy and effective way to Do Your Part to keep unnecessary chemicals out of our environment.

Source: Do Your Part

Pest problems are often a direct or indirect result of humans degrading ecosystems. We should always look at the cause of a pest invasion or epidemic before resorting to drastic measures such as highly toxic pesticides.  These pesticides enter the food chain and our water supplies and can remain active for decades.  Natural, eco-friendly pest control is the only sustainable approach.  See Eco-friendly ant control, Natural Insect Repellents, Environmentally safe rodent control and Getting rid of household pests the natural way.

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