3 Ways to Generate Free Electricity at Home

free electricity

Unless all your bills are paid for, you probably have experienced the effects of ever-inflating taxes, gas prices, and electricity costs. While I cannot help you reduce your taxes or cost of gas, I can provide you with three methods for generating your own free electricity here in San Diego. These will require some finesse, skill with technology, and scientific knowledge, so do not attempt any of these unless you are absolutely serious. You will have to find out on your own which method you prefer.
SOLAR PANELS: You can greatly reduce your monthly expenses by constructing your own solar panels. Residential green construction is in high demand right now (and shows no signs of going away), so besides eliminating your electricity bill, solar panels will boost the overall market value of your house. Solar panels work fine in cloudy environments, despite the popular myth that they only work on a clear, sunny day. If you have no inclination or knowledge of how to build solar panels for yourself, you should consider having a San Diego general contractor install a solar power system. The cost of solar set-up has been dramatically decreasing over the years, and there are many government incentives (both state and federal) for installing a solar power system. If you plan on constructing your own home, you may want to consider working with a San Diego design build contractor to incorporate it into the plans. It would be preferable to have professionals install your solar panels for you since an improperly set up solar panel can be a fire risk. You do not want your house to burn down just from trying to save a few bucks.

WIND TURBINE: Wind turbines are another good method for generating free electricity. However, before you get started, ask yourself if the area of your residence has steady, predictable winds. If not, then wind turbines may not be a good solution, since you will never know when the wind is coming. Make sure you know what you are doing because a poorly constructed turbine can be very hazardous. The blades can disconnect from the rotor and go flying and decapitate whoever happens to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

MAGNETIC POWER GENERATOR: Using a perpetual motion device (a machine that runs indefinitely and produces more energy than it consumes) you can construct a magnetic power generator. Companies sell these devices, although you can also make one for yourself with the proper know-how.

Source: Talking About Green

In South Africa, the most accessible way of obtaining free energy is probably via solar panels and solar water heaters; our sunny climate is ideal for solar energy.  Coastal areas are also suited to domestic wind turbines although the costs are still quite high for this green technology.

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Water conservation and renewable energy such as solar energy are two issues that affect the global community; make a difference and start conserving water and switch to renewable energy today.

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