4 Green Tips Anyone Can Try

sustainable living

Green living is easier, and more rewarding, than you may have thought.

Green living must be incorporated into all areas of our lives on a daily basis in order to be the most effective. From what we wear to the vehicles we drive and everything we eat, all that we do must in some way save on resources and contribute to the good of the planet.

Here are a few ways on how to incorporate a sustainable lifestyle into everyday living.


Taking public transportation, walking and biking are definite ways to get where we need to go without adding to the carbon footprint to get there. For most families having at least one vehicle is a necessity. And even though earth-friendly automobiles have had to work through some issues, they still are better for the environment than typical vehicles. Honda and Toyota have developed two new designs that are commercially successful and technologically innovative. If there is an absolute need for a larger vehicle, buy a hybrid vehicle like the Lexus SUV that provides size, luxury and uses less gas than a traditional SUV.


It is possible to maintain your property and still remain earth friendly. Use manual lawn mowers, rather than gas-powered lawn equipment for landscaping projects. This saves a huge amount of energy and carbon emissions while also providing a healthy workout at the same time. One natural way to cure dead spots in the grass that are caused by fungus is to use an organic treatment without hazardous chemicals. Horticultural cornmeal can treat these areas, control algae in water and minimize weeds. Regular grocery store cornmeal will not work because of the starch in the corn, but garden centers sell a special meal to use which is an all natural, sustainable way to cure lawn problems without adding chemicals to the soil that can drain into the water supply.


Take the green living way of life with you on vacation. Reuse towels at the hotel and request that linens are not changed every day during the stay as is customary in common hotels. Remember good habits like turning off the light when leaving the room and not leaving the water running when you brush your teeth. Choose earth-friendly travel destinations that offer attractions that don’t strip resources. Opt for transportation other than flying, which produces more carbon emissions than other options. Thousands of hotels, bed and breakfasts and resorts offer eco-friendly lodging at comparable prices. Make an effort to find these lodgings when planning a vacation.


Join with people who share a common interest in green living habits. Networking is a great way to meet new people, get fresh ideas and collect helpful resources. There are literally tons of clubs, organizations, schools and social opportunities where people with like mindsets get together on a regular basis. The Internet has loads of green blog sites for people to leave their comments and suggestions about sustainable goods and services they may have used. Green support groups keep their members up to date on the latest developments about the environment and offer each other stimulating conversation. Become a leader in the community who will advocate for the planet and will be willing to teach others to do the same.

Source: thedailygreen

Making environmentally friendly choices and changing over to green habits is often quite easy and they can result in financial savings too.  Sustainable living is logical- it is sometimes difficult to understand why humans as a species have become so wasteful and unsustainable in so many ways.  Water conservation and renewable energy are at the core of sustainable living.

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