Green Driving Tips

Green driving doesn’t necessarily mean replacing your old car with a ‘green car’.  Hybrid cars are often expensive and come at a greater, unseen environmental cost (e.g. the mining, shipping and manufacturing of some batteries for electric cars uses up huge amounts of energy).  It’s cheaper, easier and possibly more eco-friendly to simply change your driving habits.

A quick summary of green driving tips:

  1. Don’t step on the accelerator pedal!  Drive smoothly.
  2. Avoid unnecessary idling.
  3. Plan your trip – it’ll save time and money.
  4. Remove unnecessary weight from your vehicle.
  5. Use the air vents instead of using the air conditioner.
  6. Maintain your car well- more fuel efficient and prevents costly mechanical failure.
  7. Drive at recommended speed limits – lower fuel consumption and no speeding fines!
  8. Drive at a constant speed (when cruising) in the correct gear.

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