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4 Great Reasons to Conserve Water

While the examples presented here are from North America, other countries, especially water scarce South Africa should be even more aware of conserving this resource and installing water tanks. Rainwater harvesting tanks and greywater recycling systems can go a long way to reducing water use and helping the environment (while saving money too). 4 Great […]

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Advantages of rainwater harvesting & tanks

Wherever you are in the world but especially in water scarce South Africa, you should consider installing rain water tanks. The article below outlines some basic principles as well as some advantages of rainwater harvesting. Rain water harvesting system is a technique used in the collection and storage of rain water in receptacles such as water […]

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Benefits of Greywater Recycling

Greywater recycling has numerous benefits as the article below outlines. Always remember that grey water should never be stored in water tanks for more than 24 hours. If stored longer, bacteria & microorganisms that may be harmless in low concentrations, can become a potential threat at higher concentrations. Population growth means lowering water supplies, making […]

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