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How to Garden Sustainably

Not only are sustainable gardening methods better for your wallet, but they are gentler on the planet as well.

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Earthworm Tea…

The Gift That “Keeps On Giving”… Worm tea is made by soaking worm castings in water. Your worm farm will produce a leachate which will gather in the bottom bin of the worm farm, this is not worm tea. The leachate is a good fertiliser and our worm farms have a tap fitted to the […]

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Magic Mushrooms Replace Polystyrene

If Eben Bayer has his way the evil that is extruded polystyrene foam, generally referred to as Styrofoam, will be replaced by mushrooms in the next few years. Polystyrene is in everything: packaging materials, coffee cups, takeout containers, insulation, even flotation devices. Made in part from petroleum, polystyrene is basically indestructible and thus non-biodegradable – […]

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