Quick Tips on Saving Water in your Garden

Watch the short video below for 9 tips on saving water in your garden.

In addition to the above tips, you can save substantially more water in your garden and home by installing grey water re-use systems and rain water harvesting systems.  Water Rhapsody’s water conservation systems make eco-friendly landscaping easier. The Water Rhapsody grey water irrigation system operates automatically; bathing and showering usually take place in the morning or evening which is the best time to irrigate to reduce evaporation.  The Gardena Pyramid sprinklers used on our system spray large droplets of water thus further reducing evaporation potential.  The shampoos and soaps in gray water are nitrate-rich and contain other nutrients that plants need.  This means that you need to apply even less fertilizer to your lawn and garden.  Our rainwater harvesting system can also be used to collect  rain water for irrigation and household use.

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