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South Africa: Water losses could fund 20 Lesotho Highlands projects

The shocking figures presented below are particularly disturbing as South Africa is a water scarce country and can ill afford to waste a single drop of water.  One of the solutions presented below is to increase the cost of water to consumers – this may help to make people realise the value of water who […]

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Half of South Africa’s water going down the drain

Nearly 50 percent of tap water is being stolen, wasted or simply leaking away every year in South Africa, the 30th driest country in the world. Record-keeping and water-metering is so shoddy that some municipalities don’t even know how much water they are using, according to a new report commissioned by the Water Research Commission.

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South Africa: Water, water leaking everywhere

South Africa is a water-constrained country. There’s no doubt that our ability to supply the water desired by agriculture, commerce and domestic usage is rapidly coming to an end. A growing population and an expanding economy, even at the slow rates this country habitually achieves, are stretching the deliverability of this most delicate of natural […]

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