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rotomoulded tanks

VIDEO: Poly Water Tanks Rotational Moulding Process

Rotational moulding or ‘rotomoulding’ is one method of producing high quality polyethylene water tanks and other poly products.  The result of rotomolded water tanks is that there are no seams present so a weak point for cracking or splitting is eliminated.  The video below gives a generic outline of a 4-stage rotational moulding process to […]

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How are plastic water tanks moulded?

When choosing a ‘plastic’ or polyethylene water tank it is important to know which process was used to form/make the water tank. There are two moulding methods that water tank manufacturers use to make their polyethylene tanks:  conventional split-moulding and rotational moulding.  The raw material, being polyethylene granules in this case, is sourced in various […]

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rotomolded tanks

How are ‘Rotomoulded’ water tanks made?

Rotomoulding or rotational moulding  is a low pressure, high temperature plastic forming process that uses heat and biaxial rotation (i.e., angular rotation on two axes) to produce hollow, single-piece parts. Disadvantages are long production cycles —only one or two cycles per hour can typically occur, compared to other processes like injection molding, where parts can […]

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