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Rainwater Collection System Installation Tips

The article below discusses some important installation requirements. In South Africa, instead of ‘rain barrels’ we recommend water tanks of larger capacity – 5000 litre tanks, 10000 litre tanks or even the big 20000 litre tank for certain applications. One or two small rain barrels quickly fill up and overflow during a good rain event. […]

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rainwater tank installation

Preparing your site for rainwater tank installation

Although these installation guidelines are for polyethylene tanks made by Teampoly (Australia), the same guidelines and recommendations are generally true for most ‘plastic’ or poly water tank installations in South Africa too.  JoJo Tanks is recommend in South Africa as their high quality poly tanks are guaranteed for 8 years and JoJo steel tank stands […]

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Uses of Rain Water Tanks & Installation Guide

The first thing you need to do is decide just what you are going to do with the water you collect in your rain water tank? Here are some possibilities of uses for the water, the list is by no means complete:

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Water Storage Tank Installation Guide

Water Tank Site Preparation & Installation Instructions:

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