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3 Main Approaches to Using Residential Rainwater

There are three general approaches to utilizing residential rainwater that decrease the use of other water sources, increase groundwater supplies, and greatly decrease stormwater runoff.

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Texas, USA: Saving Up for a Dry Day

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Last year, as a ferocious drought tightened its hold on Texas, John Kight, a landowner in the Hill Country west of here, was getting calls. Eleven years ago, Mr. Kight installed a rainwater harvesting system at his rural home, and as wells started to go dry around the state in 2011, other […]

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Rain water tanks: Maintenance and water care

Rainwater is generally safe to drink but collecting a good, clean supply depends on “low maintenance — not no maintenance” when it comes to water tanks & stored water. Rainwater can provide a free and renewable supply of natural, soft, clear and odourless water for a range of purposes including drinking, food preparation, washing, bathing, […]

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