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Rainwater harvesting is simplest alternative water source

Rainwater harvesting tanks are becoming more common in South Africa and in many other parts of the world, including the US and other developed countries.  It is important to choose the water storage container carefully – not all water tanks are suited to storing water for potable purposes.  Ensure the water tank is of good […]

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Can rainwater capture help quench California’s thirst?

When it comes to water management, California Assemblyman Jose Solorio focuses on three C’s: capture, conservation and conveyance. Of those, the state has been most successful with  conservation, Solorio says, but it hasn’t been nearly as adept at capturing rain and snowfall and conveying it to where it needs to be.

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Solar Over the Parking Lot

Open air parking lots are great places to build solar power plants: — Parking lots are nearly always near a power grid connection. This cuts electricity transmission losses as well as the cost of installing the solar plant. — Parking lots are nearly always near at least one building that needs electricity. Not only is […]

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