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Rain Barrel & Rain Tank Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Regular water tank maintenance is very necessary to ensure that the stored water is of good quality, especially rain water tanks where debris from the roof or gutter can enter the tank. The article below offers some useful tips for cleaning rain barrels and small water tanks. As time goes by, your useful rain barrel or […]

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Can rain water tanks really save money?

After the cost of buying rainwater tanks and the installation costs (if you do not do it yourself), does rainwater harvesting really save money? The answer is a definite yes! The question of how much money, depends on the following factors: Your local rainfall patterns Your municipal water tariffs The quantity of rainwater you are […]

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How to do a Home Water Audit

Sizing up your home water use is painless and worth the savings. Here’s how. Taking stock of your water use is an ideal first-step on a mission to use less water. And the best place to start is with a “desk-top” audit by studying your bills. Look for trends or patterns and think about what […]

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