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Global Water & Food Security Meeting – Water Tops Agenda

STOCKHOLM (IDN) – Rapidly escalating demands for limited water and land from all sectors of the economy call for urgent solutions. This is what over 2500 political and business leaders as well as representatives of 200 international organisations will strive for at the World Water Week in Stockholm, August 26-3, 2012.

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Soil Water Conservation Techniques Increase Yield

Lack of adequate water poses a major constraint in increasing agricultural production in semi-arid areas in South Africa.  However, the use of appropriate crop production techniques, especially those that conserve soil and water, could assist greatly in this regard. Like many other semi-arid areas in the world, South Africa’s food production is limited by its […]

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Why Harvest the Rain?

Rain water harvesting is simply collecting, storing and purifying the naturally soft and pure rainfall that falls upon your roof. Rainwater may be utilized for both potable and non-potable requirements such as drinking, cooking, bathing (potable quality), swimming pool replenishment, toilet flushing laundry (reduces detergent & bleach), landscape irrigation and livestock & animals. Rainwater harvesting […]

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