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Retreating Glaciers Threaten Water Supplies

Glaciers are retreating at an unexpectedly fast rate according to research done in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca by McGill doctoral student Michel Baraer. They are currently shrinking by about one per cent a year, and that percentage is increasing steadily, according to his calculations. But despite this accelerated glacial shrinking, for the first time, the volume […]

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Which will be first, Peak Oil or Peak Water?

A lot of experienced people are predicting water shortages. Investment professionals are advising clients to finds ways to invest in the ability to supply fresh water. Fresh water is becoming a valuable resource that is getting scarcer and going up in cost. Even the latest James Bond movie tapped into this theme. If you saw […]

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How Close Are We to Peak Water?

As we all know, our planet is mostly water. So the idea of us ever running out of it, especially considering that most of what we use is naturally recycled, seems absurd. Just for reference, the planet contains roughly 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water. About 97.5% of that is contained in the oceans or […]

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