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Basic Components of a Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater systems come in all shapes and sizes, from simple catchment system under a downspout to large above and/or underground cisterns or water tanks with complex filtration systems that can store thousands of gallons of water. The above diagram is from RainHarvest in the USA but the principles apply throughout the world. Most rainwater collection […]

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Harvesting Rainwater Isn’t Just Green—it Can Save You Some Green, Too!

How did Gilligan, The Professor, and MaryAnn survive? How did Mrs. Hathaway wash her hair, Ginger keep her pores perfect, and Lovey keep his suit so perfectly pressed? Most importantly, how did all of those Island folks actually bathe? These are the questions that have plagued all of mankind for decades. Breathe easy, because the […]

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VIDEO: DIY Rainwater-Flushing Toilet System

This DIY rainwater flushing toilet from the UK is about as low-tech and effective as it gets. Another great use for rainwater which is certainly not limited to flushing toilets.  Rainwater is naturally ‘soft’ and free of chemicals, ideal for garden irrigation and bathing. When appropriately filtered, rain water is also a very healthy alternative […]

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VIDEO: Rain water tank & harvesting installation guide

Rainwater tanks are relatively inexpensive (especially plastic or polyethyne water tanks) and should be installed at every household and business, where practical. Choose your rain water tank carefully; click on the links below to see the various JoJo rainwater tanks, jojo water tanks, Jojo tank stands and other JoJo Tanks products available in South Africa.

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Simple Rain Water Harvesting System, Tanks & Filter (Video)

DIY Rainwater Harvesting with Plastic Water Storage Tanks Watch this DIY video showing a simple rainwater harvesting system with sand and gravel filtration system. The sizes of pipes will vary depending on the water flow rate, as will the size of water tanks.  To see what plastic or poly water storage tanks are available in […]

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