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Invasive Species, Assisted By Climate Change, A Growing Problem in Antarctica

It may be cold and inhospitable there on the world’s southernmost continent, but that hasn’t stopped a whole host of invasive species from settling there — a fact that has biologists quite concerned. As more and more researchers and tourists visit Antarctica, along with the shipments of food and equipment required to sustain them, they […]

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Record-Low Ice, Even in the Winter Arctic: is Global Warming the Cause?

The seasonal freezing of Arctic sea ice appears to have peaked — but at a record-low extent. Every Summer, vast sheets of floating ice in the Arctic melt. And every Winter, those ice sheets re-form. But with climate change, fueled by greenhouse gas pollution, the annual cyclic has fallen out of balance. This summer, the […]

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Loss of Antarctic ice ‘tongue’ could change seas

The loss of a massive “tongue” of glacial ice on the Antarctic coast — a natural protective barrier nearly four times the size of New York City — could affect ocean circulation patterns and be a harbinger of changes to come from global warming, scientists on a mission to the frozen continent say. Last February, […]

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Can we save polar bears by moving them to Antarctica?

Answered by polar bear scientist Scott Schliebe of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. “Although it may seem an obvious solution, the risks outweigh the benefits.” Q. I am writing concerning the plight of polar bears due to sea-ice loss in the Arctic. It occurs to me that one possible way out, that I have […]

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