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Rainwater Tank Plumbing Tips

Some countries such as the UK require planning permission for the installation of rain water tanks. Fortunately in South Africa, home-owners can install water tanks without any authorisation (except perhaps in certain estates where building codes apply). Here are some universal plumbing tips for installing rainwater tanks at home. Installing a good rainwater tank is […]

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Basic installation guidelines for vertical water tanks

Here are some guidelines that outline the steps for installing your vertical poly water tank – the principles apply to all sizes of tanks whether it is a 2500 litre water tank or a 20000 litre water tank. Decide where you want the tank. The position of the water tank on the property will depend […]

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Advice for rainwater collection & rain water tanks

Installing water tanks or rainwater tanks is not a fit and forget activity, although most polyethylene tanks require very little maintenance. The article below touches on some installation and maintenance advice. If your water tank is going to be large, consult a builder or engineer, as it may require structural support. Have the water tank […]

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Tips for Roof Water and Tanks

The article below outlines some practical and important tips when it comes to rain water tanks and rainwater harvesting systems. Below are some points which can help reduce possibilities of contamination. Install a first flush diverter. This is a very important device that flushes to waste the first 50 – 150 litres of water depending […]

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Water tank stands – some points to consider

Water tanks may need to be installed on water tanks stands for various reasons, the primary one being for water pressure. Here are some points to consider when buying and installing water tank stands: Always ensure that the tank stand is rated to support the size and type of water tank you want to install […]

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Fundamentals of Rainwater Tank Harvesting Systems

The main and most important component of any rainwater or water storage system is the water tank but there are a number of other components that need to be considered, as outlined in the comprehensive article below. In many areas , a water-conserving household can provide for all its water needs from what it can […]

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Some ideas for making water tanks less visible

Many people are proud to display their water tanks but sometimes water tanks need to be made less visible for various reasons such as building codes. Here are some tips and ideas for reducing the visibility of water tanks: Instead of buying one or two large vertical water tanks, perhaps consider buying more smaller tanks; […]

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Video: The whys and hows or rain barrel installation

With an introduction to why home-owners should keep rainwater on their properties and a clear demonstration of how to install a rain barrel or rainwater tank, this video is well worth watching. Rain barrels are fun and relatively easy to install but are quickly filled up, even with a light shower of rain. We recommend […]

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Some good reasons to install water tanks on tank stands

In South Africa, there are many cases where water tank stands offer excellent advantages compared to placing the tank at ground level. The primary reason for installing water tanks on water tank stands is so that pressure can be created using gravity. Once the water is pumped up to the water tank, there will always […]

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