Frequently Asked Questions About JoJo Tanks Products

Here are some frequently asked questions about JoJo Tanks products, including water tanks, chemical tanks, septic tanks, underground tanks, tank stands and more. If you have any further questions, we are always happy to answer them (and if we do not know the answer, we can refer you to JoJo Tanks’ Technical Director).

jojo tanks products
Q. What are the basic installation instructions for JoJo vertical tanks?

A. Vertical tanks should ideally be installed on JoJo steel tank stands purposefully designed by JoJo Tanks’ structural engineers. The tank stand heights vary between 1.5 meter, 3m, 4.5m, 6m and 9m high. Spaces between beams should be no more than 50mm apart.

Vertical tanks can also be installed on a solid concrete slab of no less than 100 to 150mm thick. The surface must be level and smooth to ensure a robust base for the tank.

Q. What is the JoJo colour spectrum and are there additional costs for colours other than the well-known ‘JoJo green’?

A. JoJo Tanks manufactures water tanks in various colours and this can be specified when ordering.
Clients can choose from the following colours at no additional cost:
Water tanks : Dark green, bushveld green, khaki, red, royal blue, winter grass Chemical tanks: Standard – natural (white), light blue, light yellow

Q. What material is used to manufacture JoJo Tanks products?

A. Base polyethylene with pigment anti-oxidants and UV stabilizers to ensure an extended service life. JoJo Tanks uses linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) because its flexibility results in abrasion resistance, good impact strength and superior warp resistance.

Q. Is water stored in a JoJo water tank safe to drink?

A. All JoJo water tanks are lined with a black food safety accredited lining material that inhibits the growth of algae. However, it is not advisable to use rainwater collected off the roof for drinking purposes unless there is no other source of water. If one is in this situation, it is advisable to boil the water before drinking it. This means bringing the water to a rolling boil for a minimum of one minute – an effective means of disinfecting small amounts of water quickly – making it safe to drink. Alternatively, rainwater from your JoJo tank that is appropriately filtered can be used for potable purposes.

Q. What is the sizes of the in-/outlet on JoJo vertical tanl?

A. Vertical water tanks have the following standard fittings :

  • 40mm water fitting at the bottom;
  • inlet and over-flow on top (side) with a 50mm fitting (female) (50/40 reducer);
  • 480mm lid with e-clips on top of the tank.

Vertical Chemical Medium and Heavy Duty tanks

  • 1 (one) 50mm outlet at the bottom (standard).

Special requests

  • Fittings can be made up to 75mm.

Q. Are fittings included in the price?

A. All standard fittings (as listed above) on tanks are included in the price.

Q. Are taps included and what is needed additionally to install a tap?

A. A variety of taps, e.g. plastic or lockable solid brass or nickle plated can be ordered separately at additional costs and a 40/20 reducer is also needed to fit to the tank. Some dealers do not stock/supply JoJo Tanks accessories/fittings but they can usually be ordered.

Q. What is the maximum pressure that JoJo tanks can handle?

A. JoJo tanks are designed and manufactured to withstand internal pressure. When a tank is installed below ground level a retaining wall is required to overcome the external pressure created by the surrounding earth – particularly when the tank is empty.

Q. What is the maximum temperature that JoJo tanks can handle?

A. JoJo tanks are designed to withstand the full range of temperatures that occur throughout South Africa. However, liquid stored inside the tank should not exceed 40°C

Q. What is the difference between vertical and horizontal tanks and how does one use them?

A. A vertical tank is the familiar normal upright tank and is used for the storage of water, fertilizers, chemicals and most other liquids.

A horizontal tank is also known as a transporter tank and can be fitted onto the back of a LDV or a truck; it can also be used to build a water-car. It is ideal to transport water to dry, rural areas or building sites. The chemical tanks are often used to transport and store fertilizers, molasses, etc.

Q. Are JoJo water and chemical tanks UV resistant?

A. Yes they are and this UV resistance gives them their durability in harsh South African weather conditions

Q. What is the estimated life expectancy of a JoJo tank?

A. JoJo Tanks have a guaranteed life expectancy of 8 years. However properly installed JoJo tanks have been known to exceed a lifespan in excess of 20 years.

Q. Comment on the installation of a septic tank and how it works?

A. Complete installation instructions can be viewed on this website under sanitation.

Q. We are residents in a communal complex that services its own sewerage within the complex. Our previous system was inadequate to community needs and four JoJo tanks were installed. Their proximity to our dwelling unit has caused them to become a nuisance to us. Are there any regulations in existence that would serve to mitigate the nuisance to us? Are local municipalities involved in these regulations?

A. Each municipality in the different regions and provinces functions autonomously with rules and regulations unique to that entity, so we cannot comment on any one particular aspect, and while JoJo tanks were installed, we do not do any installations. JoJo Tanks’ guarantees to our customers cover their tank purchases only.  The nuisance issue would need to be taken up with the governing body or the installer of the tanks.  In order to assist you, we refer you to Mr Leon Cas on 082 414 4900 for advice, as he is an expert on sewerage systems and is familiar with JoJo Tanks products.

Q. Can water from basin and bath go through the septic tank – model 1500 litre?

A. No, soap water or chemicals cannot be used as this will kill the bacteria and stop the normal functioning of the tank.  “Friendly” chemicals can be obtained from most co-ops or shops that specialise in outdoors products.

Q. We have recently purchased 2 x 10 000 litre JoJo tanks and need to build a water tower and platform of +/- 4 meters for each of these tanks. We would like to use gum poles as this will last in our marine environment. Would you be so kind as to advise on the structural design for such a structure?

A. We recommend the installation of the JoJo steel tank stand that was designed by a structural engineer. We are not in a position to advise on a structure of any other kind of material.

Q. Must the (6000 litre) conservancy/septic tank be emptied out or can it be used like a French drain?

A. If the tank is used as a conservancy tank, a honey sucker must pump it out on a regular basis. If the tank is used as a septic tank, it has to have an outlet pipe that runs into a French drain.

Q. What is the weight of the 10 000 litre vertical tank when full and the dimensions of the base. The tank will be installed onto a lift shaft (3 stories). Are there any precautions to take?

A. The tank will weigh 10 tons when full. The diameter of the base is 2 200mm. Before we can comment on installing the tank onto the elevator shaft, it would be necessary for you to get a structural engineer to certify that the elevator shaft can hold the weight.

Q. What is the wall thickness of the 1500 litre SG 1.4 horizontal tank

A. The tank wall thickness of 1500 horizontal (SG 1.4) is ±10mm to 11mm
•    SG (specific gravity) refers density of water/liquid e.g. 1 lt water = equals 1 kg of weight
•    1.4 refers to what the tank can be used for (contents) and in this case SG 1.4 is medium chemical
•    SG 1 refers to water
•    SG 1.6 refers to heavy chemical

Q. Can the medium duty horizontal/transporter 1000 litre tank be used for petrol?

A. Yes

Q. Do you have tanks that can be fitted on trucks?

A. JoJo Tanks manufactures a wide range of horizontal water and chemical tanks (from 240L to 5500L) suitable for use in agriculture, chemical and other industries. A horizontal tank is also known as a transporter tank and can be fitted onto the back of an LDV or a truck to build a water-car. Applications include drinking water, fire fighting, irrigation and disaster preparedness

Q. Can I store petrol in my JoJo vertical water tank?

A. Our tanks are safe for diesel storage, but we strongly advise against the storage of petrol in them since our raw material does not contain anti-static. Furthermore, anti-static is very expensive and if used for a tank that will be installed in the sun, the anti-static will evaporate within 6 months. Anti-static is supposed reduce the chance of sparks from static electricity (which could be disastrous)

Q. Are JoJo dog kennels available in the same colour range as the JoJo tanks?

A. Yes, but please make your colour preference clear when ordering your kennel. Also remember that the marble-finish colours carry a premium of approximately 10% over the regular solid colours available.

Q: Is the JoJo tank material suitable to store caustic soda (to be used for pH correction)

A: Yes

Q: Will the water in the tank turn mouldy if stored and not used for long periods

A: All JoJo tanks are lined with a carbon black food safety accredited lining material to stop algae growth thus ensuring that stored water remains as clean as possible. However, if the tank itself isn’t properly maintained and regularly cleaned and the inlets not properly sealed with silicone the water quality will deteriorate over time.

Q: What is the load capacity required to transport the Ecosan waterless toilet and the installation requirements.  Do you need to empty the container on regular basis?  What is its height, width and length?

A: Please contact Ernst Tiedt of Ecosan –; JoJo Tanks advertises the product, but Ecosan deals with the marketing and distribution thereof.

Q: Can the 500 litre  horizontal tank be placed directly onto level ground as a rainwater tank?

A: This tank is definitely suitable for rainwater harvesting, as long as you order it with a black inner lining.  The black lining ensures that the water stays fresh much longer as it prevents algae growth.

No tank may be placed on bare, non-leveled ground, since it is not stable and the tank will be damaged by the uneven surface. All tanks must be placed on a solid foundation (a smooth and level concrete slab is ideal) of no less than 100 to 150mm thick or even on a firm, tiled surface.  It is very important that the surface is level and smooth to ensure a robust base for the tank.

Q: Can the 10 000 litre JoJo tank store diesel outside for long periods of time?

A: Our tanks are safe for diesel storage, but we strongly advise against the storage of petrol in them since our raw material does not contain anti-static.  Furthermore, anti-static is very expensive and if used for a tank that will be installed in the sun, the anti-static will evaporate within 6 months.

For the storage of diesel, we would recommend a chemical medium (SG1.4) or heavy duty (SSG1.6) tank fitted with a special diesel seal.

Q: What is your largest horizontal tank?

A: The largest horizontal tank that JoJo Tanks manufactures holds 5500 litres.

Q: My JoJo tank is damaged, how do I get it repaired?

A: It can be repaired by using a hot air gun to weld a piece of the same plastic as the tank over the split. Most plumbers will have a plastic welding kit and experience doing this.

Q: Can the JoJo Tank Alert product be used to turn the pump which keeps the tank full on or off?  Can the Tank Alert be used in a reservoir?

A: NO. The wireless JoJo Tank Alert contains an electronic gauge that accurately and reliably measures the water level in your tank and transmits the information to a receiver located in your home.  Communication distance to the receiver is typically greater than 200m and measurement resolution is down to 1cm. It is also only able to measure the depth of the water up to 3m. The same is valid for a reservoir which typically would be deeper than 3m

Q: What is the use of the 6000 litre underground tank?

A: The 6000 litre underground tank has many uses: storage for greywater, rainwater harvesting, conservancy tank that can be pumped out and/or septic tank. They are the answer when space and accessibility are an issue – especially in an urban environment.  As an underground water storage system it allows for the maximum use of property, allowing for more green space and/or parking on a tight commercial site. Professionally installed, they can be placed under paved light weight traffic areas, driveways, garden beds or lawns providing an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for rainwater capture and rainwater harvesting.

Q: Why does the 4500 lotre water tank say “under roof”?

A: The 4500 litre tank has almost the same footprint as the 5000 litre vertical tank, but the ± 60mm variation in height makes a huge difference when fitting it under the downpipe of the gutter of a house with a low roof, hence the reference to “under roof”, which in the trade became a unique description for this specific product.  Between the two tanks, the difference in volume, however, is a mere 500 litres.

Q: Can I install a horizontal tank for rainwater harvesting?

A: Horizontal tanks are sometimes installed as rainwater harvesting tanks instead of vertical tanks when the height of the available storage space is limited.

Q: What is the difference between the JoJo Slimline rainwater harvesting tank and the Slimline buffer tank?

A: The Slimline rainwater-harvesting tank includes a stainless steel mesh sieve under the lid that keeps out leaves and mosquitoes.  The Slimline buffer tanks provides the option to install a tank that will provide an ongoing water supply when there is a municipal water outage or burst water pipe.  The buffer tank comes without a sieve as the installation is such that your municipal water runs directly from the mains water supply through the tank into the house supply.

Source: JoJo Tanks

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