Differences between poly septic tanks and poly conservancy tanks

There a few subtle yet important differences between septic tanks and conservancy tanks; the article below outlines some of the differences and how to choose between the two.

jojo conservancy tanks
In South Africa, sewage is dealt with in 3 ways- 1)it can sent to a septic tank where bacteria work on it and reduce the volume; 2)it can be sent to a conservancy tank where the sewage is periodically removed by a ‘honey sucker’ or 3)it is sent to a municipal sewerage reticulation system where it is eventually treated at a plant.

Many people get confused between a septic tank and a conservancy tank. When planning a building (and where municipal sewerage systems cannot be connected to); the builder must plan for either a in situ treatment system, i.e. a septic tank (or a series of septic tanks) or for a conservancy tank (or tanks) where the contents will be periodically be pumped out. It must be ascertained whether private contractors or municipalities offer a sewage removal service in the area.

Generally, a polyethylene septic tank is less costly than a conservancy tank. Although a poly septic tank usually has two internal chambers, in other respects it is less robust and with fewer connectors/outlets when compared to an equivalent polyethylene conservancy tank. A conservancy tank is generally built with more strengthening ribs and is heavier; this is to ensure that when it is completely pumped dry, the tank can still hold its shape and not collapse due to the surrounding earth applying pressure on it. These factors mean that conservancy tanks are usually slightly more expensive than equivalent capacity septic tanks.

When positioning the septic or conservancy tank, remember that a sewage removal truck will need to access the tank in case of a conservancy tank.

The advantage of a septic tank is that, correctly sized, it may last for 10 years or more without any intervention. Disadvantage is that if for any reason the household increases in number of people, the septic may be overloaded with unpleasant results.

Conservancy tanks can be regularly pumped out, preventing any chance of overloading which is an advantage. However, there must be a suitable service provider in the area and the cost of this service should also be taken into account.

It is important to size the septic or conservancy tank according to the number of people in a building. Here is a guide provided by JoJo Tanks for their polyethylene septic/conservancy tanks:

1250 litres for 2-4 people

1500 litres for 2-6 people

1750 litres for 4-6 people

2000 litres for 4-7 people

2500 litres for 4-9 people

6000 litres for 10+ people

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