The benefits of installing a rain water tank

Whereas this article does not recommend drinking rainwater from rain water tanks, we feel that if properly filtered/purified, rainwater is a perfectly good source of water to drink from. In fact, rainwater from your rain water tank  (after filtration) could be far healthier for drinking than chemical-laden municipal water.

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Install a rainwater tank and save both water and money. A rainwater tank provides you with the following benefits:

  • Free water; saving money on water rates.
  • Soft water that lathers easily, saving on soap and detergent.
  • Extra water available to:
    • Water gardens and lawns
    • Wash cars
    • Clean building surfaces
    • Wash patios and driveways
    • Top up swimming pools.
  • Supplements town water supply if installed into the home for use in toilets and washing machines.
  • Emergency water supply for example, for fire fighting.
  • Reduces local flooding by providing temporary storage of heavy rainfall.
  • Contributes to a sustainable community.

The current view of many health authorities is that while rainwater from a well-maintained system is a useful source of water, it is never recommended for drinking water use, and additional treatment may be desirable, particularly in urban areas, for other uses that involve human contact.

Source: Toowoomba Regional Council

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