Greywater Recycling Tips

The golden rule for greywater is never to store it in a water tank or drum for more than 24 hours – dangerous pathogens could multiply. However, greywater is useful for garden irrigation and some other uses, as the article below describes. If used laundry water is used for garden or lawn irrigation, phosphate-free detergent should be used.

grey water recycling tanks
Greywater is essentially any household wastewater, with the notable exception of waste water derived from toilets, which is otherwise known as blackwater. More than half of the water of a house water being wasted is usually water from dishwashers, sinks, showers and tubs. If you happen to use a good composting toilet, then all your waste water will be greywater.

Although freshly used greywater is hardly as filthy as blackwater, it still has to be handled right as it can really become a problem. Greywater should not be be stored for more than 24 hours; the bacteria within will use up the oxygen, thus turning it septic and potentially hazardous.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all greywater is the same. Kitchen sink water that happens to be filled with food and laundry water that was used in the washing of diapers are more bacteria-laden than water that originates from bathroom sinks and showers. Greywater from such sources has less pathogens than blackwater, but in many cases it can still be considered as bad as blackwater.

One of the safest ways to deal with greywater is to pour it onto the active topsoil layer, which allows the bacteria in it to break it down and using the nutrients within it for plant life in the area. This biological way of purification is more effective than engineered man-made treatments, both keeping the groundwater quality high and protecting surface waters. It all depends on the type of products used in the water of course, so this should also be kept in mind when choosing to do so.

Under certain conditions greywater can be used alongside the right equipment for a number of different purposes. Although it may sound feasible, filtering requires a good deal of preparation if the water needs to be used again. Recycling greywater can greatly improve and reduce the water bill of any household by more than half of the usual water bill.

A good way to save on greywater is to have a laundry tub right next to your washing machine. You can move the drain of the washer to the tub itself. Plug the bottom and let the water flow into a bucket, instead of down the drain. You can then use it for whatever other purpose you see fit.

Another good way of saving water is the use of a plastic tub that fits under a sink when you’re doing dishes. You can use the water for your houseplants if you’re using a type of dish soap that doesn’t harm them.

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Source: Guest post by Susan Papes  (Susan is a 28 year old mother of the little John. Being a full-time mother and a housewife, she became an expert when it comes to cleaning, washing, keeping the house clean and tidy and etc. At the end of the day she feels devastated but satisfied for taking care of her beloved).

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