Rain water tanks at schools save money & educate learners

water tanks for schools

Schools are great places for installing rainwater harvesting systems and rainwater tanks. Here are some compelling reasons to install water tanks at schools, especially in South Africa:

Firstly, school buildings, by their very nature, are often ideally constructed for rainwater harvesting.  In South Africa, many rural schools (where municipal water supply is non-existent or very unreliable) typically consist of one or more long, rectangular buildings, mostly with corrugated iron roofs.  Corrugated iron rooftops are among the best roof surfaces for harvesting rainwater.  These school buildings are generally much larger than the average home and thus can potentially harvest substantial quantities of rainwater from their large roof surface area.  There is also usually plenty of space around school buildings so that a number of large water tanks, such as 10000 litre plastic water tanks, can be installed along the schools walls.  The height of most school buildings’ rooftops and eaves is also generally higher than homes and thus allows for bigger water tanks to be comfortably situated under the gutters to collect rainwater.

Secondly, rainwater collected from school building rooftops will save the school money on their water bills (assuming they even have a municipal water supply – many rural South African schools do not!).  The rainwater from the rain water tanks can be used for bathing, washing hands, filling up swimming pools, flushing toilets and irrigating sports fields and school lawns & gardens.  Rainwater from the water tanks can also be used for drinking water if appropriately filtered and/or purified.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for the future, learners at schools can be educated about water conservation.  The learners will see the water tanks daily and they will be naturally curious as to how the rainwater is diverted from the roof to the water tanks.  Learners will share this information with their families and perhaps initiate rainwater harvesting projects in their communities.  The world is facing a water crisis and South Africa, a water scarce nation, needs all the help it can get from its citizens when it comes to water conservation issues.

Rain water tanks at schools are thus a very worthwhile investment – something which donors and government should consider now and in the future.

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