Water tanks in urban environments make sense

Perhaps the thought of water tanks conjures up an image of rural farmsteads with the odd water tank on a tank stand but private water tanks are now being seen in many towns and cities, especially in South Africa, with good reason.

750 litre slimline tank

JoJo 750 litre Slimline rainwater tank is ideal for small-scale rainwater harvesting in town

A business or a household with one or may water tanks may have them for storing water from a rainwater harvesting system or they may be there for storing municipal water from the main water supply.

Here are some reasons why more and more South Africans are opting to install water tanks at home and at the workplace:

  • Rain water from rainwater harvesting is free and thus reduces water bills.
  • When water restrictions come into play, stored rainwater can save a garden or landscaped office park.
  • Bigger industries with large warehouses or factories can harvest vast quantities of rainwater and store it in large water tanks for use in industrial manufacturing processes.
  • Water supply cuts are becoming more common in South African towns; a water tank with stored municipal water or rainwater can ensure a household or business is spared from the discomfort of no water.
  • Rainwater stored in rainwater tanks or rain barrels is much better for garden irrigation than chemical-laden municipal water – plants have been shown to grow better when watered with rainwater rather than municipal water.
  • Rainwater is also much more pleasant to bath or shower in – those that have tried it and compared it to municipal water will know what a big difference there is (chlorinated municipal water is not great for human skin and hair and could also affect health negatively in the long term).
  • Anyone with fish in tanks or ponds will know how toxic municipal water can be for fish; having a rainwater tank on the property ensures stress-free pond top-ups and fish tank water changes.
  • Swimming pools can be topped-up using rainwater from rain water tanks, saving on water bills and guilt-free swimming pool ownership (especially in a water scarce country like South Africa).
  • Rain water tanks outside a building also project ‘green consciousness’ important for many businesses trying to improve their green credentials.

So water tanks are no longer the preserve of farms and rural settings; the above reasons should help to convince you that owning a water tank in a town or city is a very good idea.

JoJo Tanks (South Africa) manufacture a wide range of water tanks and rainwater tanks, above-ground vertical tanks and underground tanks.  The JoJo 750 litre Slimline rainwater tank was specially designed for urban dwellers where the aesthetics of a water tank next to a smart building are important.  JoJo’s 6000 litre underground water tank is also ideal for urban areas where space is at a premium.  Click on the links below for more information about JoJo water tanks, JoJo rainwater tanks, JoJo septic tanks, JoJo water tank stands and other high quality JoJo Tanks products.

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