Some good reasons to buy water tanks

There are many good reasons for buying water tanks for a number of uses.  Water tanks are a necessity for a great number of people in South Africa, from domestic households to agriculture and industry.
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Reasons for homeowners to buy water tanks

  • Rainwater harvesting systems need water tanks for storing rainwater; the rainwater can be used for most domestic purposes, including garden irrigation
  • Grey water systems also require water tanks for temporary storage of gray water, whether to be recycled or used for irrigation
  • Water tanks can be used for storing, borehole, municipal or water from other sources at an elevated position (on a water tank stand) to provide the house with adequate water pressure
  • A water tank on the property is a good idea where water supply cuts are common; having a 5000 litre or 10000 litre water tank with a reserve supply of water can ensure a household will not be affected by water supply problems for many days
  • Where water quality is suspect, whether it be municipal or from other sources, a water tank allows for the water to be treated and filtered before it enters the house
  • Water tanks can also be used to capture swimming pool backwash water where it can be treated and reused in the swimming pool (also prevents harmful chlorinated water from entering the environment)

Reasons for farmers to buy water tanks

  • Large water tanks can be used to temporarily store water from rivers or dams and then used for irrigation; a series of 10000 litre water tanks, 15000 litre water tanks or 20000 litre water tanks could hold sufficient quantities of irrigation water for large cultivated areas
  • Water tanks can be used as settling tanks for dirty or silt-laden water before it enters the irrigation system
  • Instead of building fixed concrete or steel irrigation water reservoirs, large polyethylene water tanks can fulfil the same purpose with the advantage of being less expensive and portable
  • Medium or heavy duty tanks can be used for holding liquid fertilizer or other chemicals
  • Transporter or horizontal water tanks can be used for chemical spraying applications as well as for irrigation purposes and water tankers (for example, mounted on a trailer and towed by a tractor)
  • Water tanks can be used for storing livestock drinking water – either filled by windmill pumps, piped reticulation systems or manually by water tankers (the portability of plastic water tanks is ideal for remote livestock farming operations where livestock are periodically moved and the water tanks can be moved to where they are required)
  • Water tanks of all types can be used for storing water for dowsing fires; transporter tanks can be mounted on vehicles and used as mobile fire-fighting units

Reasons for business owners to buy water tanks

  • Many businesses and industries have factories or warehouses that have ideal rainwater harvesting roof surfaces; large quantities of rainwater can be harvested and stored in 10000 litre, 15000 litre or 20000 litre water tanks for a multitude of uses
  • Many industries require a reliable supply of water for manufacturing/processing operations; a series of large water tanks on the property ensure that water supply cuts will not interrupt business operation
  • Medium and heavy duty polyethylene tanks are resistant to most chemicals and can be used for storing, mixing or processing all sorts of liquid chemicals
  • Having stored water in a large water tank or water tanks on the premises also serves as an emergency supply of water for fire-fighting purposes.

There are many more compelling reasons to buy and install water tanks.  We recommend JoJo Tanks products (South Africa); polyethylene rotational-moulded water tanks offer a number of advantages over other types of water tanks and JoJo water tanks are among the best quality water tanks available in South Africa.

JoJo Tanks South Africa offer a wide range of products such as plastic water tanks and chemical tanks to suit every household, business or agricultural need, including silo tanks and silo tank stands as well as other high quality JoJo Tanks products.  See JoJo Tanks’ VERTICAL TANKS, HORIZONTAL TANKS (transporter tanks), STEEL TANK STANDS and OTHER JOJO PRODUCTS and see JoJo Tanks’ NEW 6000 LITRE UNDERGROUND TANKS. Also see our FAQ and WATER TANK PRICES.

JoJo’s superior polyethylene plastic water tanks and steel water tank stands make JoJo Tanks the leaders in plastic water tank technology and the quality, affordability and 5-year guarantee on these water tanks make JoJo products one of the best choices in South Africa.  JoJo’s water tanks and chemical tanks come standard with a number of features that are often lacking on cheaper/inferior plastic tanks made by other companies in South Africa.

We are authorised JoJo Tanks dealers in South Africa and dispatch orders directly from JoJo Tank depots to save on transport costs. Full range of JoJo Tanks products and JoJo water tanks for sale.  CONTACT US for a quote on the right JoJo water tank or other JoJo product for you.  Special discounts are available on multiple orders of chemical tanks and water tanks and to our commercial and government customers. We can usually delivery tanks and tank stands free of charge to business/commercial addresses in South Africa.


(15000 litre and 20000 litre JoJo vertical water tanks & chemical tanks are available on order directly from JoJo Tanks’ main factory)

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