Harvesting Rainwater Isn’t Just Green—it Can Save You Some Green, Too!

How did Gilligan, The Professor, and MaryAnn survive? How did Mrs. Hathaway wash her hair, Ginger keep her pores perfect, and Lovey keep his suit so perfectly pressed? Most importantly, how did all of those Island folks actually bathe?

rain water tanks

Rest assured, Ginger and MaryAnn assisted with the rain water collection, too. Their shoes worked perfectly for the task. (Photo Credit: lesurvivaliste.blogspot.com)

These are the questions that have plagued all of mankind for decades. Breathe easy, because the answers are all right here.

The Castaways actually weren’t the first ones to harvest rainwater (although they didn’t have the tools from Rain Harvest to help them). The earliest pioneers depended upon rainwater for their very survival. Of course, since then, technology has introduced lots of ways for us to gain even more dependence on modern-day tools and machines that bring our water directly into our homes. But harvesting rainwater is once again gaining both attention and popularity because of the many financial and environmental savings that it provides.

Most people are aware of the simple barrel-on-the-deck way of collecting some fresh rainwater. Is there a simpler or more convenient way to water the plants and the garden?

Additionally, those who are interested in being less dependent and more environmentally aware are turning to a much more natural way of collecting their pure, fresh, healthy, and easily collected droplets of rain. Texan Billy Kniffen offers a fantastic tutorial and series of videos that really helps to illustrate more advanced methods of this practice.

It might be difficult or even impossible to follow Billy’s example, but there are quite a few “happy mediums.” There are many methods to decrease the water bill and to make the environment healthier. Consider the many ways that the rain harvesting can help:

  • Rainwater is low in minerals, so it is great for washing your dishes, car, clothing, and even your hair.
  • Water can also be saved for flushing the toilet, and over time, this can truly reduce the water bill.
  • The animals will thank you. Rainwater is pure, fresh, and clean. Let them get their daily hydration, and hey, Buddy might even like the most wholesome bath he’s ever had.
  • Home irrigation systems for your small garden just got easier, and again, the water bill will be smaller, too.

A manageable home improvement project could bring great rewards for your wallet, home, and environment. There are systems that are more complex than the rain barrel or small water tank and less complex than Billy Kniffen’s. Take a look at one system that can make a world of difference:

underground water tanks

While some rain harvesters erect a barn or shed specifically for the storage tanks, there are underground methods, as well. (Photo Credit: tumblr.com)

The Skipper and Gilligan were surely relieved that The Professor was around to help them to figure out how to collect the rain so that they could survive that over-three-hour tour. Purifying the ocean water was far too complex; for the Castaways, harvesting rainwater was the way to go. It could be for you, too!

Source: Valerie J. Wilson (Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about money-saving tips and healthy living. Her first crush was Gilligan.)

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