Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in Urban Environments

The JoJo Tanks Slimline 750l water tank depicted below is ideal for urban rainwater harvesting but other types & sizes of JoJo Tanks water tanks can also be used.

jojo tankRainwater harvesting and rain water tanks will become a key intervention in adaptation to an alternative water resource especially in cities where most of the world’s population is going to live in the next few decades. As cities grow, they are straining and exhausting their water sources and increased demand could ultimate lead to shortages.

Rainwater harvesting utilising rainwater tanks is not a new concept but its revived popularity is due to the growth of eco-savvy consumers who recognise the need to conserve precious natural resources combined with the simple fact that the mains tap water is becoming a precious and expensive commodity.

Rainwater offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly and free alternative water source as proven by various studies: An EU study suggests that rainwater harvesting could meet up to 80% of the household needs of a typical family house in southern France. In the Ganzu province in China where one of the world’s the most extensive rainwater harvesting programmes to date has been implemented with small-scale water tank storage at household level, 15 million people now have an improved water supply.


The benefits of rainwater harvesting on ecosystem services in urban areas are two-fold.

Firstly, the increased use of rainwater harvesting provides additional water supply and reduces pressures of demand on surrounding surface and groundwater resources.

Secondly, rainwater harvesting can reduce stormwater flow, decreasing incidence of flooding and short peak flows. In addition, rainwater harvesting has saved consumer spending on water, helped create green oases and reduced vulnerability in the event of disrupted water supplies.

As urban water use is mostly for non-consumptive use, 80-90% of the harvested water is returned to the landscape water cycle.

Rainwater harvesting in cities:
• provides supplemental water for the city’s requirements
• increases soil moisture levels for urban greenery
• increases the ground water table through recharge
• improves the quality of groundwater
• mitigates urban flooding

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