JoJo Steel Tank Stands

steel tank stands

JoJo tanks should ideally be installed on the JoJo steel tank stands designed by structural engineer for this specific purpose – an engineer’s certificate is available on request.  These stands provide the level and robust base required to support the weight of a full tank, which could be up to 10 tons in the case of a 10000 lt tank.  Tank stands come primer coated as standard.  At an additional cost, all tanks stands can be galvanized on request.


1.5 m
3.0 m
4.5 m
6.0 m
9.0 m

The tank stands are available in 2 platform sizes:

  1. All vertical tanks up to 5000 litre
  2. The 10000 litre tank

Silo Stands also available.

steel silo stands

Source: JoJo Tanks

We are authorised South African JoJo Tanks dealers.

Contact us for prices on JoJo water tanks, JoJo chemical tanks and JoJo tank stands.  Special discounts on multiple orders.  Also see what LARGE Vertical Tanks  and SMALL Vertical Tanks are available as well as JoJo’s range of HORIZONTAL TANKS suitable for water and chemical storage.  Height limitations? See JoJo’s LOW PROFILE tanks.

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