Bamboo Fencing – Decorative, Durable And Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo fencing is without a doubt the most environmentally friendly fencing choice you can make. But maybe even better is the fact that it’s durable and decorative as well. So, when you think about it, bamboo fencing is really the best fencing alternative.

bamboo fencingFrom an environmental standpoint, bamboo stands out as the material of choice. You might be surprised to learn that bamboo is not wood. It’s a kind of grass that grows very quickly with little impact on the environment. It takes a lot less time to grow bamboo compared to trees. Bamboo can be ready to cut and use in under 7 years. Compare that to a tree, grown and harvested for wood products, which can take between 50 and 100 years.

But despite the fact that it is ready to use in such a short period of time, it is quite strong and durable. At the same time, it flat out looks great. And if properly maintained it will last for years as a fencing material.

You just can’t compare the unique beauty of a fence constructed with bamboo, to one made of chain link or even to many wooden or vinyl fences. No two pieces are exactly the same, adding to its distinctive appearance. Bamboo can even be used to enhance the appearance of an existing fence by providing an accent, rather than tearing down and rebuilding.

Bamboo fencing comes in various designs and different sizes. Bamboo fence panels are already assembled into panels and ready to install. Simply attach them to a frame made out of wood and your fence is basically complete.

Rolled bamboo fencing can easily be secured to an existing chain link or wooden fence. It also comes in handy when made into a movable screen. Place it in front of areas you want to hide from view, like a recycling bin or air conditioning unit.

Tired of looking at a plain chain link fence? Spread sections of rolled bamboo or split bamboo fencing over it. It attaches easily with fine wire. Stainless steel wire won’t rust so it’s probably the best option.

If you value your privacy, a bamboo privacy fence will do the job. At the same time you are providing a secure area for your children and pets to be in. A bamboo privacy fence is easy to install for a reasonable price.

Bamboo fencing is often used for fencing in a garden. Keep four legged visitors out and separate your garden from the rest of your yard with a bamboo garden fence.

All natural products are affected over time by weather and climate. Because bamboo is natural, it has to be treated for longer life. This prevents weathering and decaying. It’s recommended that a thin coat of a UV resistant product be applied to avoid problems.

If you’re considering a new fence, why not think about the environmentally friendly option, bamboo fencing? And, you’ll save money to boot.

Bamboo fence panels are a unique alternative to a traditional type of fence. Installing a bamboo privacy fence is a great way to increase both privacy and security in your yard.

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