Soil and Water Conservation Methods

The management and conservation of our water resources depends heavily on the conservation of soil integrity. Sensitive environmental areas and civil construction sites are two areas where revegetation techniques (including the use of Vetiver grass systems) may be most valuable!

Ever Heard of Vetiver Grass??

• The Vetiver Grass System is low cost and efficient system for erosion control and water conservation, soil stabilization, pollution control, waste water treatment, mitigation and prevention of storm damage and many other applications. Vetiver Grass, Vetiveria zizanioides, (recently reclassified as Chrysopogon zizanioides) is the main component to all Vetiver   Grass Systems based bioengineering and conservation applications. The grass is unique and can be used in the tropics and    semi tropics, and areas outside the latter where there are hot summers, and winters that do not include permanently frozen soil conditions.

Some Advantages of Vetiver are:

• Vetiver grass is an “ecological-climax” species. It outlasts its neighbours and seems to survive for decades showing no    aggressiveness or colonization ability. It withstands drought and high levels of flooding. • It is tolerant to high levels of pesticides and herbicides and also to a wide range of toxic and heavy metals. Temperature    variation from -14º C to 55 º C, Soil pH from 3.0 to 10.5, High level of tolerance to soil salinity, sodicity and acid sulphate. • The roots of the grass have an average tensile strength of MPa 75 and improve the shear strength of soil by between 30%    and 40%. Engineers liken them to a “Living Soil Nail”.

water and soil conservation

Vetiver Grass Root System


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The management and conservation of our water resources depends heavily on the conservation of soil integrity.

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