7 Reasons to go Organic

We have experienced a surge in the green movement over the last several years. Environmental activists have emphasized the need to protect our most precious natural resources and the food industry has begun to offer healthier options. Many people still hesitate to embrace organic products, oftentimes because it is simply more convenient or less expensive to consume non-organic products.

reasons to go organic

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of going organic, here are 7 reasons to consider that might change your mind.

1) More Nutrients

Organic foods are more nutrient rich than other foods. Eating organic foods allows you to get more out of each bite.

2) Not Genetically Modified

Scientists have attempted to genetically modify certain plants to grow faster and be more resistant to disease. The problem is that our bodies aren’t accustomed to these altered foods. Research is beginning to surface that shows that these modified foods can be potentially dangerous to our bodies.

3) Good for the Environment

The process of farming organic crops is much better for the environment. Crop rotation leaves the soil rich in nutrients (which is why organic food itself is rich in nutrients) rather than sucking the earth dry. Organic farming also avoids using pesticides and chemicals that damage the earth and environment.

4) Strict Certification

The USDA has strict regulations and restrictions that must be met before a food can be labeled officially USDA Organic. It is reassuring to know that the food you are consuming was inspected thoroughly and had to pass a list of additional requirements before getting to your table.

5) Good for Wildlife

In addition to be being better for the soil, organic farming is also better for wildlife. Research indicates that wild plants, wild species, and birds are much more abundant around organic farms than they are around conventional farms.

6) Fights Cancer and Other Diseases

Organic plants have been found to contain much more salicylic acid than non-organic plants. Salicylic acid fights the hardening of arteries (which leads to heart conditions and stroke) as well fighting bowel cancer. Salicylic acid is produced naturally in plants to fight stress and disease. When pesticides are applied to crops to accomplish these same things, the plants produce less salicylic acid.

7) Tastes Better

While individual preference comes into play here, most people agree that organic foods taste better. Because the plants are coming from nutrient rich soil that holds water better, they are fuller and more flavorful. Organic apples, for example, are firmer, juicier, and sweeter than non-organic apples.

Source: Talking About Green

Organic products are comparatively expensive but the environmental benefits far outweigh the financial difference.

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