Water Tank Platforms: Guidelines

jojo water tankThe following tips/guidelines are provided to assist you or your installer.  These tips must be read/used in conjunction with the JoJo Tanks Guarantee, which is available on all JoJo Tanks in the form of a sticker or in document format.

  • A robust base of at least 2 cm wider than the base of the tank (no polyethylene tank should “hang” over its base)
  • The base must be smooth; no sharp stones or hard objects should be in the concrete mixture on the surface (holes could be pushed through the water tank base when it is filled with water)
  • It is recommended that the concrete base be at least 150mm thick ( a 5 000 litre tank holds 5 tons of water!)
  • Any brick/concrete block type of product used to manufacture the base walls should be allowed to set/dry for at least 36-48 hours before pouring of the concrete slab
  • Rubble or sabunga used to fill in the constructed base must be properly stamped in, using the right tool/compactor/heavy stamper  (human weight is insufficient to compact the rubble/sabunga)
  • The water tank base must be perfectly level (use a spirit level to check!)
  • Should lip-channel or beams be used, ensure that the material is treated with an approved product to prolong its life.  The gaps between the lip-channel or beams should be no larger than 50mm (5 cm)

Source: JoJo Tanks dealer documents

Water tanks are often bought without much thought given to the very important base.  A 10 000 litre water tank will exert 10 tons of pressure on its base!  Similarly, water tank stands need to be built professionally to withstand the forces of a full water tank.  Sturdy water tank stands can be built from brick and mortar; in this case the internal space can be used as a storage room or laundry room, etc.  Serviceable tank stands can also be jojo tank standbuilt from sturdy, treated poles (usually gum/eucalyptus poles in Mpumalanga and Limpopo).  Steel water tank stands can be custom built to spec or ready-made kits can be purchased and bolted together.  We highly recommend that any steel water tank stands are professionally built and are signed-off by an engineer (a 5 ton 10 ton tank full of water could cause extensive damage if the tank stand failed!).  Water Rhapsody is an authorised JoJo Tank dealer so we can supply a full range of JoJo tanks and tank stands.  JoJo water tank stands are available in the following heights: 1.5m, 3m, 4.5m, 6m & 9m for either 5000 litre water tanks or 10000 litre water tanks.  All JoJo water tank stands are certified by engineers.

Water Rhapsody strives to offer a holistic range of sustainable solutions.  Water scarcity and energy issues in South Africa are probably the two biggest factors affecting our daily lives.  Our water conservation systems (see product demo) include rainwater harvesting systems, grey water recycling systems, greywater irrigation systems, swimming pool backwash recycling systems, water-saving toilet flush mechanisms and of course JoJo water tanks and rainwater tanks.  Our acquisition of a Yes Solar dealership enables us to offer the best solar energy solutions on the South African market.  Our current solar energy product line-up consists of Solsquare solar water heaters (German-made, SABS- and Eskom-approved).  We work with Solsquare-accredited solar installers so that your solar geyser is professionally installed and qualifies for Eskom solar geyser rebates.  Contact us for a FREE QUOTE on a water system, solar water heater or JoJo water tank.

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