solar energyWhy should you look at solar heating in the first place?

Okay, so you aren’t that sure about it – here are the advantages of solar heating:

•        South Africa has very high solar irradiation, so using solar power makes sense.

•        Other than buying the technology, solar can save you money.

•        Heating water with solar is free, so there is a reduction in monthly electricity bills.

•        Less vulnerable to electricity price increases

•        Financial rebates from the Eskom & the Government

•         Using solar energy contributes to the environment:

•         Using solar energy means less consumption of natural gas and coal

•          By more people converting to renewable energies, less and smaller new power plants will be needed, thus reducing the potential damage done by these plants.

•          Replacing your geyser with a solar water heater can annually save up to 3.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 6kg of sulphur dioxide, which contributes to acid rain.

What does a system consist of?

Solar water heaters consist of three parts:

·         Storage Tank – this is where the hot water is kept.

·         Collector – this is where the sun is used to make water hot.

·         Booster – the booster is used to ensure that hot water is available during overcast days and at night.

Our system has an electrical booster, but a gas booster for off-grid applications is also available.

How does the system work?

Thermo siphon action occurs when the agent which is heated in the collectors expands, becoming lighter, allowing colder, heavier agent to fall to the bottom of the collector. The cold agent pushes the hotter, lighter agent back up into the storage tank, where the heat is indirectly transferred to the water held in the tank.

What is the difference between an indirect (closed) and direct (open) system?

With the indirect system, the liquid heated in the collector is NOT the household water, whereas with an open system, the household water flows through the collector. The two advantages of the closed or indirect system is firstly that the liquid can contain antifreeze, preventing the liquid from freezing in the collector and bursting pipes and secondly there is no lime scale build-up from impurities on the municipal water.

What prevents hail from harming the system?

The collector is covered by tempered glass, but should the glass break, it will merely reduce the efficiency of the system; you will not be with-out hot water!

What are the benefits of this system?

·         Reduction of electricity bill

·         Reduction of carbon imprint, which is good for the environment

·         As the system is an indirect system, no chance of freezing and pipe damage

·         None of the components are harmful to people, animals or the environment

·         Tempered glass cover, which is hail resistant

·         Adds value to your home

·         Possible rebates from Eskom

What should be done when going away?

If you are going away for longer than a week, the element/electrical booster should be switched off, and ideally the collector covered.

Source: Solsquare

Solar water heating systems make sense in sunny South Africa.  Although the initial cost of solar geysers seems high, the systems amortize the cost fairly quickly (usually within 36 months at current Eskom tariffs).  In many countries where there are no rebates or subsidies, homeowners are still investing in solar geysers; why pay high electricity bills when you could use that money to pay off your own solar energy systems?  Financing a solar geyser through your home bond is another option; solar geysers and solar panels increase the resale value of a home too.  Water Rhapsody has acquired a Yes Solar dealership to enable us to offer the best solar water heating systems on the SA market: Solsquare.  Solsquare solar products are German-engineered and are SABS- and Eskom approved.  Contact us for a free quote on a solar system, water system (rainwater harvesting [FAQ], greywater recycling [FAQ], water-saving devices) or a JoJo Water Tank (we are authorised JoJo Tank dealers and supply the full range of JoJo water tanks and water tank stands).

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