New Slimline™ Rainwater Tank from JoJo Tanks

Brand new from JoJo Tanks is a JoJo Slimline™ Tank. Perfect for rainwater harvesting and water security, this streamlined compact design is ideally suited for urban areas where space is a consideration.

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JoJo Slimline Tank for simple rainwater harvesting

The most common question faced when purchasing a water tank is by far, what size of water tank is needed? The ideal volume of an on-site water tank is usually between 700 and 1,500 Litres providing enough water to supply the average house demand for about two days.

The elegant JoJo Slimline is 1800mm x 750mm, holds 750lt of water and fits easily through a regular door frame. Its ergonomic design ensures that it fits around corners and down narrow walkways of urban homes. You can also simply connect a few Slimlines in a series should you wish to maximise your water storage capacity.

The JoJo Slimline is manufactured in a wide variety of colours to match most home colour schemes. Special colours can be manufactured at an additional cost.

Save water save money
Purchasing a JoJo Slimline water tank is the smart decision because it’s not only easy to install and connect it is also your environmental ally! With the average SA rainfall of 464mm, up to 23 000lt of water can be harvested from a 50m2 roof… enough water for 165 showers… just think what you will save!

The JoJo Slimline is perfect for rainwater harvesting providing you with a completely FREE source of water. Just think of the reduction in your water bill if you are able to water the garden, wash the car and

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JoJo Slimline Tanks connected in series

top up the pool or fishpond, without linking into municipal water supply! So, more than just saving water when buying your JoJo Slimline, you will green your home and lessen your environmental footprint!

A JoJo Slimline tank connected to the water mains is also the most cost effective way to secure continued water supply when the municipal water is cut off and with the many outages experienced throughout South Africa, this is definitely a smart move!

When buying an authentic JoJo Tank, you are buying guaranteed quality

  • Every JoJo Tank carries a 5-year product guarantee.
  • Only the best quality food grade virgin materials are used ensuring that JoJo Tanks will stand the test of time.
  • All tanks are UV resistant as they are lined with a carbon black food safety accredited lining material to stop algae growth ensuring that stored water remains safe to use
  • JoJo tanks are manufactured in a variety of colours and sizes to satisfy clients’ requirements. At an additional cost, tanks can also be manufactured in specific colours to match your home.

The JoJo Slimline is fitted with

  • An inlet / overflow with a 40 mm female thread
  • A bottom outlet with a 40mm tank connector; fitted with a thumbscrew
  • A sieve with a stainless steel mesh to keep out leaves and mosquitoes.
  • A black, child-safe clip-on lid to keep the dust out and to ensure that no algae grows in the tank.
  • A brass 20mm lockable tap strategically positioned to allow easy access to a watering can or a bucket.

Finishing touches

  • Regardless of the type of tank, proper installation is required to ensure that it performs satisfactorily over the long term.
  • Make sure you have a smooth and level concrete slab of at least 150 mm thick.
  • Place your water tank near an existing gutter downpipe to feed water into your tank
  • Run a gutter downpipe into the lid of your tank.
  • Ensure that the downpipe entrance into the tank is properly sealed with silicone to prevent water wastage and mosquitoes from breeding in the tank.

How much water can I harvest?
You can calculate this quickly by knowing your roof area and then simply multiplying your total m2 of roof area by your annual rainfall average. This will give you the total potential catchments for the year.

Source: JoJo Tanks

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(15000 litre and 20000 litre JoJo vertical water tanks also available on order)

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