Testimonial: Former Minister of Water Affairs & Forestry

Here’s a testimonial from one of Water Rhapsody’s high profile clients, Professor Kader Asmal (former Minister of Water Affairs & Forestry, South Africa)

Professor Kader Asmal

11 February 2010
To Whom it may Concern:
Garden Rhapsody Grey Water Re-using System

“It is very rare that a product, in this case, a new product gives so much satisfaction. We were one of the first to have this system installed. My officials at the Department of Water Affairs in Pretoria – I was the Minister at that time – warned me against this system as it would destroy my garden. As a matter of fact, the grass and the shrubs have flourished. During the drought about four years ago, when there were severe restrictions on garden water use, mine flourished because of the grey water. The service is excellent, even putting up with a smiling face with the idiocies of the owner, in this case me, who could not unravel the pipes. I have no hesitation in commending this system, its service and delivery, not only as a good example of water conservation and for beautifying the garden, but also as an excellent example of entrepreneurship.”

Yours sincerely
Professor Kader Asmal
Former Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry

Thanks Prof!  We have numerous other happy high profile customers and the number of installations around South Africa is approaching 4000!  We have 16 years of experience and all our water systems are guaranteed.  We offer the best after-sales service and lifelong free advice .

The water system that was installed at Professor Asmal’s house is our grey water irrigation system.  Greywater is full of nutrients that plants need so you not only save irrigation water but also save on your fertilizer costs. See our Garden Rhapsody installation slide show (gray water irrigation system installed on White River Country Estate). We also supply and install water tanks (we are authorized JoJo water tank dealers), rainwater harvesting systems (a step up from your conventional rain barrels!) as well as other ingenious water saving water systems.  Contact us for a FREE assessment and quote!

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