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jojo tank stands

Why install water tanks on tank stands?

There are many good reasons why water tanks should be installed on some type of raised water tank stand although a well-built, ground-level water tank stand base also has its place. Before listing the reasons for installing water tank stands it is important to choose a tank stand that is designed to safely support the […]

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water tanks for sale

South Africa: R4.3bn interim water supply programme to begin

Water infrastructure in South Africa sorely needs a boost of investment from the private and public sectors.  The average household or business can still ensure that municipal water shortages do not affect them by the installation water conservation systems such as rainwater harvesting tanks and greywater recycling.  A full rain water tank is insurance against […]

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rain tanks for irrigation

Is Your Sprinkling System Working Effectively?

Whether you use traditional sources of water for irrigation or whether you have installed a rainwater harvesting system and irrigate from water stored in rain water tanks, it is important to know whether your irrigation system is operating efficiently. Whether you grow your own vegetables or you simply enjoy having a beautiful lawn, you will […]

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what kinds of chemicals are in municipal water

What Kinds of Chemicals Are in Your Tap Water?

As this article suggests, municipal water and bottled water are not necessarily ‘safe’ to drink. Why not consider rainwater harvesting and installing rain water tanks?  This means that you have direct control of your domestic water supply and if used for drinking, rainwater from the water tanks can be appropriately filtered using a home water […]

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water tanks south africa

South Africa could run short of water

Everyone in South Africa should consider where they can save water and actively contribute to reducing water shortages by considering rain water tanks for rainwater harvesting as well as other water conservation systems. Depending on the area, size of roof and rainfall, rain water tanks could supply a household’s entire water needs. We could run […]

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rain water harvesting tanks

Garden & Landscaping Water Conservation Tips

In addition to practising water conservation measures outlined below, why not supplement your water needs by harvesting rainwater?  Rainwater from your rain water tanks is free and is much better for plants when compared to chemical-laden municipal water. Consumers can take steps early in the season to save water and money on their water bills […]

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water tank stand

Options for installing a 10000 litre JoJo vertical water tank

The basic principles for installing a polyethylene vertical water tank apply to a range of water tank sizes but become more important as the water tank capacities increase. It is critical to install water tanks properly, especially the larger 5000 litre, 10000 litre, 15000 litre and 20000 litre water tanks – these carry many tonnes […]

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jojo water tanks

Rainwater harvesting systems: domestic & industrial

Rainwater harvesting can be divided into 3 general categories: domestic ‘hobby’ rainwater harvesting, sophisticated/integrated domestic rainwater harvesting and rainwater harvesting on an industrial scale.  All involve water tanks or rain barrels but the size and number of the water tanks will vary. Here are some general observations and tips according to the type and scale […]

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rainwater harvesting tanks

Uses for rainwater from rain water tanks

Rainwater harvesting in its simplest form comprises of a downspout from a roof gutter that directs rainwater into a rain barrel or water tank.  Rainwater from rain water tanks can be used for most domestic purposes including for drinking, if properly purified/filtered. Rainwater from your rain water tanks can be used for the following: Garden […]

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