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12 Steps to Creating a Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

While installing a water tank is the first step to harvesting rainwater, there is other hardware that should considered to improve the efficiency of the system. Installing these extra components also reduces water tank maintenance requirements. Here are 12 steps to creating a complete rainwater harvesting system: Check ROOF SURFACE is suitable for collecting quality rainwater. Install GUTTER […]

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10 top reasons to install a polyethylene water tank

Buying and installing a plastic water tank (or water tanks) at a home or business is a wise decision, especially in water scarce South Africa. Here are 10 reasons why installing a water tank is an excellent idea: A back-up water supply from your existing water source stored in water tanks (whether that be municipal, […]

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A look at JoJo Tanks’ Slimline water tanks

JoJo Tanks South Africa manufacture a huge range of water tanks, chemical tanks, tank stands and other products and have developed the 750 litre Slimline water tanks specifically for domestic use. The JoJo 750 litre Slimline tanks are available in three versions: Rainwater Slimline water tank Buffer Slimline water tank Marbleline Slimline water tank The […]

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DIY Rural Water Purification

While chemicals may be used to disinfect water from your rain water tank or other sources, we always recommend that, if possible, the chemicals be removed via a final filtration process.  While rainwater is pure, it may collect dirt and pathogens from rooftops and gutters if you have a rainwater harvesting system.  Also keep water […]

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UK businesses & homes urged to use rainwater harvesting

UK businesses and households are being urged to use rainwater harvesting technology to offset the rise in water bills announced yesterday. The call from energy saving advisors at Enevis follows Ofwat’s announcement of the above-inflation rise to household water bills. The regulator confirmed average UK household water and sewage bill would increase by 3.5% from […]

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Could Water Be the Next Big Asset Class?

The U.S. has recently experienced the worst drought in decades, yet each year an estimated 1.7 trillion gallons of water leaks from pipes before it can be put to use. And according to the United Nations, currently 41% of the world’s population lives in a water stressed area. Despite the dramatic need for investment in […]

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Global Water Protection on a Local Level

Water is so central to everything we do that, paradoxically, we tend to take it for granted. This is partly because access to steady supplies of water was central to decisions made centuries ago that dictated the location of the world’s great cities, nations’ centres of industry, and agricultural heartlands. We wouldn’t be where we […]

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Zimbabwe: Minister urges rainwater harvesting

Water Resources Development and Management minister Samuel Sipepa Nkomo has urged residents to take advantage of the rains and harvest rainwater especially in areas like Bulawayo where stringent water shedding was introduced last year.

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